SyvaSoft provides industry-specific ERP/CRM customization and implementation services for the past 7 years. We will improve your business process by integrating best practices.

SyvaSoft ERP Features

Full Web and Mobile First Interface: Run from multiple devices: Desktop, Tablet and Smartphone. Mobile ERP allow users to access enterprise data whenever and wherever they may be. It can benefit sales people to warehouse workers to CEOs who "want to see the reports, right now".

Built-in CRM: SyvaSoft ERP comes with the built-in CRM module which provides sales people the total control over their sales process by gaining instant access to the data on Leads, current customers, price lists, ongoing deals, and pipeline as well as understanding customer, regional, markteplace trends.

Partner Self Service Portal: SyvaSoft ERP provides the separate web portal for Customer, Vendor and Employees. Vendor can submit their RFQs. Customer can place their Web Order/Service Request and also check their Invoices and Payment Status. Employees can submit their timesheet and view their Payslip.

Tally Integration: SyvaSoft ERP provides powerful Tally Integration. This unique feature let your finance and accounts department/auditors enjoy the simplicity and flexibility of your existing Tally Software.

Kanban Board: SyvaSoft ERP provides Kanban Board to visualize your work and workflow in a single glance. It helps your employees to manage and control the business processes efficiently. It allows to move a card from one state to another, sort the cards by priority, see the cards on different colors according to their priority value.

Complete Disaster Recovery Plan: Hourly Backup plans to store your database to Amazon S3 automatically. It provides a complete, tested, disaster recovery plan for your ERP system. It also provides standards-based REST and SOAP interfaces designed to work with backup data.

Cloud Hosting: SyvaSoft supports both On-premise and Cloud deployment. Cloud deployment provides following benifits: Capital-expenditure Free, Lower Maintenance Costs, Scale as Needed, Resiliency and Redundancy, and Work from Anywhere.

Built-in POS System : Web POS provides an enjoyable shopping experience in your physical stores. It provdies following features: Flexible design for multi-organization companies, Agile sales experience, quick search for products, customers, payments and pdf printing, with SmartLoyalty. Support to touch screen devices (tablets or big smart phones) for ordering , Payments: Support to split payments, Payment forms with bank accounts.

Integrate with Legacy/Thrid-Party Systems: SyvaSoft ERP comes with powerful SOAP web services APIs, that has no technological barrier. This holistic approach is easy to integrate with any legacy system/other third party system such as Ecommerce Websites, Point of Sale System, Payment System, and Accounting Software.

Transparent, Reliable & Timely Customer Support: SyvaSoft has highly skilled ERP Consultants who will attend your queries in a welcoming way and provide the solution in a timely manner to run your business hassle free.


Stone Crushers: SyvaSoft Crusher ERP enables Business Owners and Managers to run Stone Crushers effortlessly by having the right information available at right time. It has Crusher, Subcontract, Finance, Inventory, Fuel, Tyre, Salary & Wage, Vehicle & Machinery and Forecasting modules. All these modules are tightly integrated with one another and highly customizable to the needs of the business.
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E-Waste Managment System: The E-Waste Management ERP software platform developed specifically for the unique requirements of IT Asset Disposition, Reseller and E-waste companies. It helps to manage Finance, Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Supplier Relationship Management and Partner self servicing portal where Certificate of Destruction and Certificate of Recycling can be downloaded any time by suppliers.
Download Product Brochure for E-Waste Management ERP

Travel and Tourism Industry: Worried about tough competition from your competitors in terms of pricing and the service? Struggling to monitor your sales and operation team performance? Don't you want to calculate your actual cost and profit for the tourism services you are offering? Our Tourism ERP solution offers tools and best practices for your organization to grow internationally and helps to position yourself better even in bad economy.

Trading/ Wholesale and Distribution: Meet the demands of customer and supplier with the customized ERP solutions from Syvasoft. It helps businesses that distributes various products through a network of franchisees. All products sold by the franchisees are sourced from the franchisor. Manage Sales Order Entry, Invoice & Billing, Customer & Accounts Receivable, Inventory Replenishment, Purchasing, Purchase and Sales Price List, Vendor & Accounts Payable and needs of financial accounting.

High Tech/ Semiconductor/ Electronic Assembling Industries: Syvasoft supports the unique manufacturing, supply chain management, Authorised Vendor List, Lot and Serial Number management provides Warranty tracking for comprehensive Inventory and Control Management, and financial accounting needs of Semiconductor and High-tech businesses.

Advanced Warehouse Managment System: Logistic Centers require complex intra-logistic approach. Strategy for routing could be achieved by rules for In-Outbound/Replenish across zones, considering criteria as weight, attributes, vendor, lots, Wave Planning, Picking Management(Inbound order), Allocation Management, Direct Putaway(Outbound order) and much more.

Simple Discrete Manufacturing: Syvasoft enables you to manage your simple to moderate manufacturing needs such as Bill of Materials, Phantom BOM, Rollup BOM Cost, Production Order, Production queueing, Manufacturing variance tracking, Replenishment to Production Automation, Make to Order Automation, Multiple distribution center, Quality Test.


SyvaSoft provides services for enterprises to plan, manage and develop their ERP solutions in following modules.

Cloud based Multisite Weighbridge App customization services are provided to the organizations which struggle to monitor and control the material inwards and outwards through their weighbridge stations separated by space and time.
  • Ticket Printing after Tareweight and Gross Weight using your desired printer
  • Fully Integrated Invoice Printing
  • Integrated with Barcode Scanner for fast data entry
  • Weighment Data can be captured for Sales, Purchase, Own Production Receipt, Subcontract Production Receipt and Inventory Movement
  • Multi-user and Multi-shift support
  • Master data such as Materials, Customers, Suppliers and Vehicles are maintained
  • Auto-tare with periodic re-tare prompts for regular visitors
  • Control weighment data accuracy from anywhere through any device
  • Enable real-time information on receipt and issue of material
  • Separates point of weighing and point of subsequent processes by space and time. (e.g. remote printing of bill and reports)
  • Enable controls to the customer on the weighing process
  • Provide alerts in case of deviation from pre-determined rules
  • Security — only the authrozed users will have access to weighing data
  • Systematic Backup Process gives more safe storage
  • E-mail and SMS Alerts instantly or periodically
  • Can be integrated with your Accounting and ERP System
  • Independent of operating system. Data can be accessed from any operating system / Mobile operating system
  • MIS Reports for your weighment data which can be customized for your need
  • Unlimited users support
  • Fully customizable to meet your requirements exactly without any compromises
Point of Sales: uniCenta POS is customized to meet your POS need and it is integrated to SyvaSoft ERP/CRM.

Mobile App: Delivering cross platform mobile app using ReactNative. It supports both iOS and Android mobile devices.

Tally Integration: This feature enables both scheduled and on-demand data synchronization between SyvaSoft ERP and Tally.ERP9. With this great integration tool, all the financial data from SyvaSoft ERP will be readily available in Tally.ERP9 and vice versa. This unique feature not only helps us in reducing the ERP cost, but also let your finance and accounts department enjoy the simplicity and flexibility of your existing accounting software. Moreover our solution's 100% data synchronization with Tally allows you to share data seamlessly between the two systems, giving you a feeling of working on a single software system
Master Data Synchronization from Tally.ERP9 to SyvaSoft ERP: UOM, Currency, Godowns, Stock Groups, Stock Categories, Stock Items, Ledger Groups, Ledgers and Employees.
Transaction Data Synchronization from Tally.ERP9 to SyvaSoft ERP: AP Payment and AR Payment
Two-way Transaction Data Synchronization between Tally.ERP9 and SyvaSoft ERP: Sales Invoice, Purchase Invoice

Sales Management: Quotation, Sales Order, Customer Invoice, Shipment, Commission, RePrice Order/Invoice

CRM: Lead, Opportunity, Contact, Sales Stage, Customer, Sales Rep Dashboard

Customer Return: Customer RMA, Customer Return, AR Credit Memo

Purchase Management: RfQ (Request for Quotation), Requisition, Purchase Order, Vendor Invoice, Material Receipt, Matching PO-Receipt-Invoice, Matched POs, Invoices, Auto Split MM Receipt, Invoice Batch, Invoice Print and Email

Return to Vendor: Vendor RMA, Return to Vendor, AP Credit Memo (Debit Memo)

Material Management: Product, Product Attributes, Vendor Details, BOM, Price List, Discount Schema, Material Transactions, Inventory Movement, Physical Inventory, Internal Use Inventory, Replenishment

Production: Bill of Materials, Phantom BOM, Rollup BOM Cost, Production Order, Production queueing, Manufacturing variance tracking, Replenishment to Production Automation, Make to Order Automation, Multiple distribution center, Quality Test

Quality Management: Material Receipt Confirmation, Shipment Confirmation, Movement Confirmation

Relationship Management: Business Partner Setup, Customer Management, Vendor Management, Employee Management, Credit Control, Partner Relation

Project Management: Project Setup, Generate SO from Project, Generate PO from Project, Issue to Project

Customer Service: Resource Management, Expense Management

Request Management: Request, Issue Tracking, Invoice Requests

Asset Management: Depreciation Processing, Asset Transactions, Customer Managed Assets

Payments, Receipts & Open Items: Payment Preparation, Cash Journal, AP Payment & AR Receipt, Prepayment, Invoice Schedule, Dunning, Recurring Documents, Payment Allocation, Payment Allocation (Multi-Currency), Payment Selection, Bank Statement, Payment Term, Payment Print/Export

Accounting & Performance Analysis: Accounting Setup, Tax Setup, GL Journal, GL Distribution, Financial Reporting, Reporting Hierarchy, Performance Measurement (SLA), Performance Measurement (Dashboard) Alert

Costing: Costing Setup, Update Product Costs, Landed Costs, Assign Additional Costs

Kanban Dashboard: Sales Order, Shipment, Sales Invoice, Purchase Order, Material Receipt, Purchase Invoice, Service Request, Warranty Request, Lead Management

Self Service Portal: RFQ for Vendors, Web Order & Service Request for Customers, Download and view their Invoices

Security: User and Role, UI Access Control, DB Access Control, Change Audit (Undo/Redo)

The Multi's: Multiple Organizations (Counter Document), Multiple Currencies, Multiple UOMs, Multiple Languages (Localization), Multiple Accounting Schemas

Data Import: Import Business Partner, Import Product with Price List, Import Account, Import Report Line Set, Import Currency Rate, Import Inventory, Import Order, Import Invoice, Import Confirmations, Import GL Journal, Import Payment

Report & Print: Report Format, Report Analysis, Report, Report with Barcode, Drill-down Report, Drill-across Report, Print and Export, Print Paper (User-defined), Print Color (User-defined), Print Font (User-defined)

Workflow Framework: General Workflow, Approval Workflow based on Field Value, Approval Workflow based on Document Action, Multi-Level Approval (Branching), Multi-Level Approval (Escalating), Workflow Approval Email Notification

Role-based Filters: Role-based Lookup Filter, Role-based Record Filter (by Document Status & Document Owner), Role-based Record Filter (by Sales Representative)

Additional Features: Complete Web Interface, Mobile WebUi, Webservice Integration Capability, Cloud hosting, Amazon S3 Database Backup every 4 hour, Amazon Simple Mail Service for Emailing Feature, Amazon Notification Service, Linux Server Monitoring, Protect ERP using SSL Security, Apache Authentication, Proper Disaster Recovery Management, Scheduled Email Notification, Jasper Report Integration, Tally ERP Integration


Syed Vaisul Karne, Director

Syed has 14+ years of experience in designing and building custom solutions and system integrations for ERP, CRM, SCM, HCM, ITSM, and EAM. His technical expertise includes open source, proprietary platforms, and language: .NET, SQL Server, Oracle, Postgresql, Java, J2EE, Client-side web technologies, Tally, ADempiere/iDempiere ERP, Dynamics CRM, Dynamics AX ERP, Dynamics NAV ERP, SAP HR, and Payroll.

Syed manages the operations of Syvasoft Business Solutions. He has worked with various companies in India and also has 2+ years of international experience in Singapore.

Syed holds following degrees/certificattions:
  • Master of Computer Applications from Madurai Kamarajar University
  • Bachelor of Computer Science from Thiagarajar College of Arts and Sceince
  • CA CPT from ICAI
  • Stores and Inventory Management from MSME Institute
  • Logistics Operation Management from MSME Institute
  • Employees Payroll Administration from MSME Institute
  • ESI & Contract Labour Act from MSME Institute
  • HR Analytics from MSME Institute


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