Quarry & Stone Crusher Management Software

Helps to achieve 360° financial visibility, Tracks mining activities 24/7, and Prevent pilferage & theft up to 95%


  • Losing money on my company assets that are stolen or misused by employees?
  • Not able to prevent fraudulent activities that is happening in the weighbridge station?
  • Don’t know exactly how much money I have lost or gained from my quarry/crusher?
  • Very frustrated by using different standalone software to manage my multiple quarry/crushers?
  • Vehicle and Machinery maintenance becomes inaccurate and difficult.

Impact on Business

  • Low return of investment
  • Poor followups on customer payment.
  • Poor utilization of running capital.
  • Not attracting new customers
  • Cannot take right decision at right time due to delayed and inaccurate reporting.
  • Losing control over the operations when you scale or expand the business.
  • Frequent break-down of vehicle and machinery.

What You Gain?

  • Track and monitor every mining operations from remote. Increase profit by bringing total control to your business.
  • Streamline and measure all your financial activities. Gain 100% accuracy in financial accounting and costing information 
  • Avoid unexpected vehicle and machinery break-down up to 95%. Avoid the misusing of company assets by your employees.
  • Manage and run multiple businesses in multiple countries without hassle 
  • Empower your employees by completing their work in less time. Engage your customer with accuracy.  


Features at a Glance

Weighbridge Software

It is designed to help you to manage and track all the weighment transactions in a controlled and secured manner
‣ Helps to avoid material theft & wrong weighments.

‣ Monitor weighment entries from remote in real-time
‣ Suspected weighment entries can be notified through SMS.

Crusher Management

Crusher module gives you 360 degree view from Boulder receipt to crushing to sales
‣ Quarry to Crusher Shipments
‣ Daily & Monthly Quarry/Crusher Production Performance
‣ Product/Day wise Cash & Credit Sales
‣ Customer wise Sales
Product wise Consolidated Sales

Subcontract/Job Work

Manage any type of subcontracts such as Labour, Quarry Production and Crusher Production subcontracts effortlessly
‣ Issue Diesel/Item to Subcontract/Job Work
Create Subcontractor Invoice & Paymen, Subcontract Report to identify the Subcontractor outstanding amount after deducting Issued Items, Vehicle Rent, Labour Wages & Advance and Food Expenses


Helps you to know your cost and profit accurately
‣ Customer Receipts/Vendor Payments, Employee Payments (Salary & Wage Issue),  Subcontract Expense Vouchers. Journal Vouchers,  Chart of Accounts, Cash Book Report, Outstanding Balance Report by Customer & Vendor,  Customer & Vendor Statement, Statement of Accounts, Production Costing Report, Profit & Loss Statement,  Trial Balance & Balance Sheet

Inventory Management

Tracks boulders, spares and diesel consumption and aggregate production accurately
‣ Multiple Warehouse & Storage Locations.
‣ Product Master, Purchase Entry
‣ Day wise Cash & Credit Purchase
‣ Product-wise Cash & Credit Purchase
‣ Vendor wise Purchase, Product-wise Consolidated Purchase, Current Stock Report, Inventory Movement Report, Issue item to Subcontract/Job Work

Fuel Tracking

Enable users to track fuel purchases and issues to subcontracts and vehicles, and driver wise fuel efficiency
‣ Diesel Purchase
‣ Diesel Issue Entry
‣ Diesel Tracking Report
‣ Date wise Diesel Purchase
‣ Vendor wise Diesel Purchase

Vehicle Maintenance

Helps you to do preventive and periodical maintenance to increase lifetime and ROI of your vehicles and machinery
‣ Vehicle and Machinery Management
‣ Reminder for Vehicle Loan EMI, Insurance, FC, Tax
‣ Trip Sheet, Diesel Issue, Monthly Rental Revenue Driver Assignment
‣ Vehicle Contract Management
‣ Vehicle Sales, Vehicle Summary Report, Vehicle Performance Report, Vehicle Profit and Loss Statement, Vehicle ROI Statement, Vehicle Performance/Mileage Report, Monthly Renewal Alert Report, Over Due Report, Due Report

Tyre Management

Measure Tyre life and performance and also gives a complete history of a tyre details
‣ Tyre Register
‣ Tyre Assignment and Release
‣ Tyre Return for Warranty Claim
‣ Tyre Sent to Retreat (Re-button)
‣ Tyre Stock Status
‣ Track Tyre Usage Cost per KM
‣ Tyre Detail Report
‣ Tyre Positioning Report by Vehicle
‣ Tyre Movement Report by Vehicle
‣ Tyre Movement History
‣ Manufacturer wise Tyre Performance

Salary & Wage

Helps you to automate incentives, record and issue Weekly Wage and Monthly Salary effortlessly
‣ Attendance & Wage Entry
‣ Issue Advance amount against Wage
‣ Issue Net Wage (After deducting Advance amount)
‣ Wages Report, Wages Summary Report, Wages Paid Report
‣ Issue Advance & Loan amount against Monthly Salary. Issue Net Salary (After deducting Advance and/or Loan Installment)
‣ Monthly Salary Report, Monthly Salary Summary Report, Monthly Salary Paid Report


Alerts the staff about the future action
‣ Alerts for Forecasted number of Tires to be sent for rebutton
‣ Alerts for Low fuel efficiency, Finance Installment Due & Insurance Due, Driver License Renewal, Break, Road Tax Due & Pollution Check, Permit Renewal, Engine Oil Change, and Hub-Servicing

SMS/Email Notification

Instantly informs your staff/managers about daily activities and guides what to do and when to do
‣ Daily Sales, Purchase and Production
‣ Periodical service alerts for Vehicle and Machinery
‣ Low Fuel Efficiency Vehicle Notification
‣ Payment overdue alert for customers
‣ User / Role specific alerts


Automatic Number Plate Recognition Integration

Secures inventory movement with visual footage at Weighbridge Station
‣ Simplifies the weighment entry by capturing Vehicle Number automatically
‣ Vehicle’s Front view with Vehicle Number and Top view with material load photos are captured along with weighment entry
‣ Provides better audit experience than CCTV camera footage

Real-Time Crusher Production Monitoring

Enables you to track Aggregate Production in real-time
‣ Beltscale device will be installed on your output conveyor belt to measure production in real-time.
‣ Track and monitor your aggregate stock accurately
‣ 99.25% stock accuracy is guaranteed
‣ Remote crusher monitoring is possible
‣ Get notified about unexpected stoppage of crusher production or idle time

GPS & Fuel Tracking Device Integration

Enables you to monitor your vehicle and machinery 24/7
‣ Avoid diesel theft and misuse of your vehicle and machinery. Get notified when diesel tank is opened and closed, Know available diesel in vehicle and machinery real-time, Take control of vehicle performance. Fuel Tracking and Machinery maintenance module can be integrated to automate and create maintenance activities automatically


Tally ERP Integration

Enables your accountant to work on his favorite accounting tool
‣ Master Data Synchronization from Tally to SyvaSoft Stone Crusher Software such as UOM, Currency, Godown, Stock Groups, Stock Categories, Stock Items, Ledger Groups, Ledgers 
‣ Transaction Data Synchronization from SyvaSoft Stone Crusher Software to Tally such as Sales Invoice, Purchase Invoice, Debit and Credit Note 

Customer Support

Our support team will be a part of your management to help you to run your stone crusher hassle free
‣ Get your new user/staff trained anytime
‣ Automatic daily database backup
‣ Get free consultation on software solutions for your business
‣ Free tele support on weekdays


What Our Customers Say

Excellent software for Stone Crushers & Sand Blocks. Without this software, I couldn’t imagine running all of my businesses from remote. Syed is very pragmatic and deliver what he committed. I would recommend it to anyone who has not yet used it.

Thajuddin, Blue Stone Crusher, Karnataka

SyvaSoft Stone Crusher Software solves my long lasting problem which is my business is earning profit or not. I am now able to take right decision at right time. I believe  soon they will become a leader in Stone Crusher software industry.

TTK. Rajavel, TTK Blue Metals, Tamilnadu

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to try this software before I pay?

Definitely! Anyone can contact us for trial. We will show you around the app and answer any questions you have. But don’t worry about feeling cornered on the call. Our sales process is low-pressure and designed to help you solve problems in your business, not spend money on something you don’t need.

What are the essesntial features included in Standard Package?

Following features will not be available under Standaed package

  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition Integration
  • Real-Time Crusher Production Monitoring
  • GPS & Fuel Tracking Device Integration
  • Tally ERP Integration
How do I know your software is fit for my purpose?

During demo, we will help you to understand how our software meet your purpose. Even if you are not satisfied, you can decide by yourself after one month of using our software.

Can I access the Stone Crusher Software from my mobile phone or tablet?

Our Stone Crusher Software software is available through online and compatible with all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox) and devices (Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Dekstop). You don’t need to install anything.

After using your software, is it possible to switch from your Stone Crusher Software to another software?

Yes, you can switch to another Software. We will co-operate with your new vendor to migrate data from our Software to the new software so that you don’t have to lose your data.

How long will you take to go for live?

After you purchased our Stone Crusher software, it will take just 4 to 7 days.

My employees are not well educated. Can they use your Stone Crusher software?

Yes. With our process oriented simplified user interface, even your not well educated employees can use our erp software without any issues.

Do you customize your Stone Crusher software for my requirements?

Every management has a unique approach to run their stone crusher. With our flexible stone crusher Software, we can meet your requirement 100%.

Do you customize your Stone Crusher Software software for my other businesses along with my stone crushers?

We are using an advanced platform to provide an solution to Stone Crusher Industry so that we can easily customize the requirements for any industries such as Construction, Ready Mix Concrete, Sand Blocks, Granite, Cement, Trading, Manufacturing and etc.

Hence, with our implementation services, you can manage all of your businesses using a single ERP software. Here we can also automate the transaction between your businesses to reduce the effort.

Can you visit my crusher to gather my requirement?
We have good expertise in Stone Crusher Industry so we can understand your requirement clearly and deliver the same through online. If necessary, we will visit your crusher for gathering the requirements.
Can you install the software in my office (LAN)?

Yes. We can install our stone crusher software in your LAN.

Can you integrate Stone Crusher software to my other softwares?

Yes. We can integrate our stone crusher software to your other legacy software. We provides REAST/SOAP APIs to consume and produce data.

Will your cloud software be available 24/7?

Mostly our cloud software will be available 24/7 except only few hours will be down due to server hardware maintenance per year. You will get 98% guaranteed uptime. 

How many users can work at a time in your system?

Techinically there is no limitation for the number of users can work at a time. It is limited by your subscription plan.

How secure is your software?

Your server is accessed via Secured Socket Layer and even we can control the access only from your office network even though it is available in the public internet.

What is the technology stack used?

Java language, PostgreSql Database, and Apache Server.

Have more questions?

Please email us at sales@syvasoft.com or call us at +91 9941335361. We will be happy to answer your queries.

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At SyvaSoft, our mission is to keep offering the best value to our customers whilst helping them achieve their goals.

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